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Our Facility

Known affectionately as “the church with the red doors,” the Forked River Presbyterian Church is located on Route 9, a few hundred feet north of Lacey Road. The red brick church with its double set of red doors sits back on property that is landscaped with shrubs and flowers and surrounded by trees.

A large parking lot in the back of the church provides ample space for everyone. Additional parking is also available along Game Farm Road, which borders the church property. The church building is accessible from the parking lot in the back. A ramp leads to the sanctuary, church offices, meeting room, nursery, and rest rooms. Our fellowship hall, known as Fetherman Hall, is also accessible directly from the parking lot through the 4 glass doors. This leads to the main hall, stage space used by our youth group, Sunday School classrooms, Sunday School office, church kitchen, additional rest rooms, and the Choir Room.

Two gardens, dedicated to beloved church members, are located in the parking lot entry to the church. The Meditation Garden, with benches and a labyrinth that was created by our 2021 Confirmation Class, is located in the center of the parking lot and the Welcoming Garden, with a bench, is located at the back entrance to the building. Take time to enjoy God’s beautiful world as you enter the buildings.


Group Rentals

Our hall and other spaces are available for group or event rentals. It is $350 to rent the hall. Contact the office for more details.


Individual Rentals

We are open to creating multiple event rentals for those looking to offer lessons, kitchen use, or other needs. contact the office for details. 



A new Policy is being created for weddings outside of church member unions. Contact the office or pastor for details.


Youth or other group overnight visits to the Jersey Shore

We are working on a new opportunity to invite youth groups and others who don't get to enjoy the beaches and forests we love to come and stay in our building and visit the area. This would also be a good option for churches with groups traveling and in need of a place to stay on their journeys. Please contact Pastor Paul for more information.

Fetherman Hall

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