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Our Leaders

Ordained Leaders

Forked River Presbyterian Church is a congregation of the PC(USA) and as a Presbyterian Church we are led by a board of ordained Elders who guide the life of the church. Our Session is 12 people split into 3 classes with 4 people in each class. Elders are elected by the congregation to a 3 year long term.

The 2023 Session:

Class of 2023             Class of 2024                  Class of 2025

Donna Gilmore             Lisa Christensen*             Linda DeLotto     

Leslie Hession              Kelly Fitzpatrick                 Kate Mason     

Tim Neil                         Linda Kostrowski               Karen Thomas    

Isabel Orriss                  Brigette Wixted                 vacancy

*Clerk and President of the Corporation



The other board of ordained leaders in a PC(USA) congregation is the board of Deacons. The Deacons are responsible for ministry of care and compassion. At FRPC the Deacons visit ill and home-bound members, check on those we have not heard from in a while, bring casseroles when someone needs a meal, keep our prayer list. They pray for our members and help the pastor with pastoral care needs. They, like the Session serve 3 year terms in 3 classes.


The 2023 board of Deacons:

Class of 2023                Class of 2024                 Class of 2025

Fran Haddad                  Susan Hender*               Sue Aliseo

Heidi Hilinski                  Susan Keith                    Liz Ferrise

Joyce Howells               Stephanie Shea              Bob Kirsch

Ed Thomas **                 vacancy.                          Carol Neil


** Care & Compassion Fund Coordinator, Deacon's Newsletter Editor

Other Leaders

CROP Walk 2022.jpeg

CROP Walk 2022

Sunday School Coordinator

Jenn Jeremiah is the coordinator for Children's Education at FRPC. She leads our Sunday School, VBS and other family programs.

contact Jenn

Youth Leader

Kelly Fitzpatrick is the leader of our youth ministries. She is a graduate of the Princeton Youth Forum and a long time servant in youth ministry at FRPC.

contact Kelly

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